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Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper

Dr. Moustafa Bayoumi Moustafa
Helwan University

Prof. Kai Wang
University of Iowa

Prof. Michael T.C. Liang
California State Polytechnic University

Best Student Paper

Ms. Lo Sze Wan
Tung Wah College
Hong Kong

Mrs. Norazlin Binti Mohamad
Universiti Teknologi MARA

Best Paper Awards 2015

Best Research Paper

Dr. Manohari Balasingam
Ministry of Health

Best Student Paper

Ms. Vidhu Gupta
Public Health Foundation of India

Ms. Janhavi Yateen Sirsat and Mr. Shivram Kumar
Gulf Medical University

Conference Theme

A healthy way of life should be every individual’s goal. However, healthcare privileges differ across societies, and requires the combined efforts of government, the private sector, the public and health workers themselves to ensure both the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. Funding for health and medical facilities are vital to the health and well-being of the public.

But most importantly, health and medical researchers and developers serve the task of advancing health care and medical science through the study and proper dissemination of information, in order to improve the state of health care service of any country.


Keynote Speaker

Dr Timothy Low
Chief Executive Officer
Farrer Park Hospital
"Driving Healthcare Transformation through SMART Solutions"
Prof Marilynne N Kirshbaum
Head of Nursing Theme
Charles Darwin University
"Towards a Theory of Energy Restoration"

GHC 2017 Proceedings Print ISSN: 2251-3833, E-Periodical ISSN: 2251-3825 will be published and submitted to several indexing partners.
Journals: GSTF Journal of Nursing and Health Care (JNHC) (Print ISSN 2345-718X, E-periodical ISSN 2345-7198). All submitted papers will go through blind review process for acceptance. 
Book: Selected authors will be invited to contribute book chapters in "Global Perspectives on Health" to be edited by Prof. Susan Nancarrow of Lismore Southern Cross University, Australia and published by GSTF.
Best Paper Awards and Best Student Paper Awards will be conferred at the conference (in order to qualify for the award, the paper must be presented at the conference).
GHC 2017 will also constitute a Special Panel Session.
Panel Proposals are invited for submission. A minimum of three papers centering on a specific topic will be accepted for submission under Panel Category.

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date and/or time of the conference without prior notice before early bird registration deadline.